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Marc Smadja

Buying a House in Saint-Lazare

Let Marc Guide You Through His Neighbourhood.

Being a resident of Saint-Lazare himself, Marc Smadja is your partner in finding your property in Saint-Lazare. He can share his knowledge of the local scene, restaurants, schools, real estate developments in the works and much more.

His involvement in the community also allows him to get exclusive information about properties or businesses that will soon come on the market.

Understanding of the Market.

Municipal Relationships

His municipal relationships allow him to give you sound information about the particularities and specific regulations related to purchasing a property in Saint-Lazare.

Local Businesses

Looking for the best coffee shop, a classy restaurant or a home improvement contractor? Marc Smadja will be able to point you to Saint-Lazare’s best resources.

Future Developments

Because he specializes in the Saint-Lazare area, he is the first to know about future developments and up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

Local Expertise.

Saint-Lazare is a city that stands out for the quality of life it offers its residents. Marc Smadja knows Saint-Lazare and the surrounding area inside out. He understands the specific characteristics of your property, as well as the fluctuations in real estate prices in the region.

Let's Work Together

Let’s Work Together.

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